Africa Centre Summer Festival | Saturday 19th August 2017
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Would you like to get involved with The Africa Centre Summer Festival 2017? We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to give up their time and expertise to help plan and deliver the festival.



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Southwark (Jubilee Line)


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Borough (Northern Line)
Waterloo (Jubilee Line)
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The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @JacquieMalcolm: @Sly1036 @TheAfricaCentre @colourfulradio Was an absolute pleasure to work alongside and support a master in his field 🤗 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @JacquieMalcolm: @colourfulradio @TheAfricaCentre @Sly1036 Abdolutely BRILLIANT day... great team all round 🤗 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre It was great having you with us #Santa. Grotto was spectacular everybody loved it. Please come back to the next… 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @colourfulradio: Young gifted traders the JamJam brothers with products they make themselves The Cream Warehouse at the African Christma… 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @lorrainemking: Finally a doll that looks like me. I just spoke to Caroline from Bounce Essentials the makers of this cute dolls on @RRo 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @lorrainemking: Santa Claus is in the house at the African Christmas Market outside @TheAfricaCentre . @RRocafella has just interviewed… 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @lorrainemking: Mercedes is loving the African Christmas Market @TheAfricaCentre and has just spoken to @RRocafella on @colourfulradio.… 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @lorrainemking: More fabulous traders from the African Christmas Market outside @TheAfricaCentre being interviewed by @RRocafella on @co 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @colourfulradio: Obie and Ashleigh of the Hula Hooping Troop, The Majorettes, entertaining the crowds in 3 degress weather which feels m… 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre RT @FunkyNChunky_: Today!!! #Repost @theafricacentre ・・・ #uksnow won't can't stop us 💪🏿 the #AfricanXmasmarket is… 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre And food galore too! Enjoy cuisines from Ghana, Senegal and Jamaica at the @#AfricanXmasMarket @LittleBaobabUK 1 day ago
The Africa Centre @TheAfricaCentre It’s cold outside but it’s warm in here! #AfricanXmasMarket in full swing with gifts galore. Jewellery, furniture,… 1 day ago